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Elder Law & the Need for an Attorney

As people grow older, their needs and lifestyles are bound to change. Being well-prepared for these gradual yet evident occurrences will help not only the seniors themselves; but also their friends and families who will be directly affected.


Elder Law in general, refers to legal issues pertaining to aging. They were created to protect and ensure that the elderly would be able to live comfortably in their twilight years. Attorneys who specialize in this field are very important since their knowledge help seniors and their families decide for what’s best.

Aspects of Elder Law

Elder Law has three categories namely:

  • Estate Planning
  • Medicaid
  • Guardianship

Estate Planning includes necessary arrangements in terms of real estate and other properties. It has a wide scope which includes planning for disabled children or minors, asset protection, tax reductions, and assigning beneficiaries. Some legal forms associated here would be wills, trusts, powers of appointment, and property ownerships. In cases where the elderly still have minors – particularly disabled children – it’s vital to leave something for them to secure their futures.

Medicaid are a set of healthcare programs targeted towards individuals or families with low incomes. This is NOT to be confused with Medicare as that is a separate matter altogether. Medicaid allows people to be enrolled in private health plans, which will provide for all or part of their needs. Regarding seniors, this program can assist them in paying for a Nursing home or health aide professional.

Legal guardians might be required for elders who have been incapacitated or no longer have the means to independently manage their affairs. Guardians have the legal duty to take care of their ward’s assets and personal interests from the moment of appointment. This procedure is done by the court and will demand the assistance of a lawyer.

Importance of an Attorney

The need for an elder attorney becomes essential since they have the expertise to navigate through the confusing maze of state and federal laws. Guardianship for example, is not a simple process. A petition must be made in the local area of the senior using the help of an expert elder lawyer. Every state has a different set of laws; and skilled elder lawyers know their way inside and out.

Their guidance will prove indispensable during this most crucial time. Especially for firms whose lawyers have years of experience; they have the wisdom about common challenges facing the modern senior citizen. Also, they have the means and networks to ask for expert advice with their fellow attorneys should complications arise.

Experienced lawyers would have the sensitivity to tackle these issues head on while providing assurance and quality service. Just like a guide, a good elder attorney will think about the long-term impacts of these decisions and how the laws will affect their client.

Elder law isn’t only about legal matters: it is also about planning, counseling, education, and a strong commitment to clients. Their representation is not only a symbol of assurance but a promise that someone would be there during those pivotal changes.


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